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10 Best Car Stereo In India (2020)

People love to have entertainment in the form of music when they are on a long drive in their car. Entertainment in cars was started in 1930 when Motorola introduced a radio. Now complex audio systems can be found in the car. 

There are many things that you have to check before purchasing the best car stereo in India. In this article, we will deal with various aspects of the car stereo.

Car Stereo (Recommended by Car Enginers)

This is an mp3 player that uses 140-watt power. The device comes with remote control and a USB socket. Users can use any USB device in which songs are stored and then they can enjoy the music. The device also comes with an option for receiving calls. The front panel of the device can be detached and attached easily.

This panel consists of and audio input of 3.5 mm. Connecting the Bluetooth is very easy. You need to select the MODE option and wait until AUX or BT is displayed. Switch on the Bluetooth on the mobile or laptop and look for Ibell Stereo. The password of the connection is 8888, which is used for pairing the devices. The LCD of the stereo shows BT on when the connection is established successfully.

 Key Features

  • USB device connection
  • Bluetooth connection
  • 5 Audio input


  • Brand: iBell
  • Model: DXP700
  • Weight: 721g

This device has a feature of dual Bluetooth, which helps in easy connectivity. You can connect your phones and laptops to enjoy music. Because of dual Bluetooth, two separate devices can be connected to listening to music. 

You can enjoy music while driving and there is no need to look at the phone while receiving a call or changing the music. The sound produced by the device is very clear and you can listen to every beat of the song.

 Key Features

  • Dual Bluetooth connectivity
  • Control by giving voice commands
  • iPod connectivity


  • Brand: Sony
  • Model: DSX-A410BT
  • Weight: 699g

This is a device, which comes with the features of USB, Bluetooth, remote control, and many others. Bluetooth comes with A2DP support and you can use the technology for calling their near and dear ones or listening to music. The device has an LCD display with large fonts, which helps you to read the names of the songs easily along with all the details of the song.

Other features included in this device are RCA sound output, noise filter, ISO connector, etc. The device also has 18 preset radio memory. The keypad is available in order to play FM. The device has compatibility with all the mobiles so connecting and listening to music or making a call is easy. A key is available to answer or reject a call.

 Key Features

  • Compatibility with all the mobile phones
  • Auto mute feature
  • Keypad for operating FM


  • Brand: SoundBoss
  • Model: XBT-5252
  • Weight: 431 g

The device comes with an extra two buttons, which help in the addition of low-end power to the music. Ten-band graphic equalizer is available which will help you in creating a unique soundscape. Vocal frequencies can be reduced with the help of karaoke mode and you will be able to sing along with the track that is being played.

The device can be easily installed on the steering wheel, which helps in controlling the device easily. It supports FLAC file format which helps in compressing the sound signal but there is no loss in the quality of the music’s port is available in which the devices can be connected to listen to the music. The device is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

 Key Features

  • Plays FLAC files
  • USB port available
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices


  • Brand: Sony
  • Model: WX-810UI
  • Weight: 1.2 kg

This device comes with many features. You can operate it by giving voice commands. Bluetooth enabled devices can be paired with this device to listen to music. The device comes with an inbuilt microphone, which helps in easy calling.

 AVRCP 1.4 is available which will help you to browse song files and listen to the favorite ones. You can keep track of the time, a clock is also available in the device. If you feel any distraction due to display, you can turn it off. The illumination of the screen can also be dimmed.

 Key Features

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Dimmer for display
  • Inbuilt microphone


  • Brand: Pioneer
  • Model: MVH-S219BT
  • Weight: 898 g

The device consists of an equalizer of ten bands. You can listen to the songs stored in different file formats like mp3 FLAC, WMA, etc. USB devices can be connected to listen to the sings. Besides this, you can also enjoy FM. 

USB is available at the front panel along with AUX which can be used to connect any audio device. The face panel can be attached and detached easily. Extra bass 2 button is available to increase the bass. Karaoke mode is available which you can use to lower down voice frequencies.

 Key Features

  • Karaoke feature for lowering down voice frequencies
  • Extra bass available
  • FM available


  • Brand: Sony
  • Model: DSX-A110U
  • Weight: 1.2kg

This device consists of a microSD card slot, dual USB, and Bluetooth. You can use microSD cards on which songs are stored while Bluetooth and USB can be used to connect different devices for listening to music. Another feature of this device is the AUX Input, which can be used to connect phones to the device.

You can also enjoy music through built-in FM. A wireless remote control can be sued to control the device. Built-in equalizer bass, treble, balance, and other settings are available to set the output. The device also comes with a smartphone holder so you can put the connected mobile in it. A 2.1 AMP Ultra-Fast Charging USB port is available which you can use to charge the mobile.

 Key Features

  • USB charging for mobiles
  • Various connectivity options
  • Different settings for sound output


  • Brand: Dulcet
  • Model: DC-F90X
  • Weight: 914 g

This device comes with a capacitive touchscreen of seven inches. You can operate various functions by just touching the screen. USB port and Bluetooth are available for connecting different devices to listen to music. If you have a removable drive or pen drive, you can connect it to the USB port and enjoy music. The SD card slot is also available which you can use to store songs in the SD card.

FM radio can be enjoyed and you can connect to various radio stations. You can also charge your mobile as a 5V charging facility is available with the device. The unique feature, which is found in very few stereo devices, is the presence of rearview cameras and sensors. A remote control facility is also available with this device so people sitting at the rear seat can also control the device.

 Key Features

  • MIC output
  • Various connectivity options
  • Steering wheel control


  • Brand: Dulcet
  • Model: 240W Universal Fit Double Din 7 inch Full HD Capacitive Touch Screen Car Stereo
  • Weight: 812 g

If you want to enjoy various programs on FM radio, this is a good choice. The device also comes with AM Tuner. The media formats that it supports are mp3 and WMA. It has a USB port at the front in which you can connect pen drive removable hard disk and other USB enabled devices in which songs are stored. AUX input is also available for connecting various devices. The front panel can be attached and detached easily.

 Key Features

  • AM tuner available
  • Availability of FM radio
  • USB port for connecting different devices


  • Brand: Blaupunkt Paris
  • Model: ML 110
  • Weight: 608 g

This is a universal android system, which can fit in any type of car. A fascia frame is needed to install the device. The device has a scratch-resistant IPS display, which is manufactured by using gorilla glass. The display also has the feature of a night vision reverse parking camera. 

The device comes with many features like Bluetooth, two USB ports, YouTube, gaming online and offline amplifier, and many more. It has a 16 GB memory where you can store a lot of music and song files. The device is manufactured by using ABS plastic.

 Key Features

  • IPS display having gorilla glass
  • Various connectivity options
  • Storage capacity of 16 GB


  • Brand: Auto Snap
  • Model: Car Androids
  • Weight: 500kg

Best Car Stereo In India Buying Guides-

There are many things that you have to consider before purchasing a car stereo and these include budget, features, installation cost, durability, and many more. Let us discuss some of these factors.

Type of speaker

There are mainly two types of speakers, which include component speakers and full-range speakers. People need to buy the one that will suit their family as well as the car. Best sound quality can be found in component speakers. These speakers include various components like woofers and tweeters.

Sound quality

The next thing that you need to consider is the sound quality. The quality of sound depends on the range of frequency. The sound quality will be better if the frequency is much more. Peak frequency that a speaker can achieve is 20,000 hertz while the lowest frequency is 10 hertz.

The sensitivity of the speaker

The sensitivity of the speaker depends upon the power on which the stereo works. If the power is less, then the speaker that should be attached to it should be around 90 DB. If the stereo has high power then low power speakers can be attached.

Head unit should be the best

You need to focus on the head unit before purchasing a car stereo. This unit is available in different size and also come with many types of technological features.

Types of Car Stereo

There are different types of car stereos available and they are categorized based on size and features.

Based on the size, car stereos are as follows.

Single DinThis is the perfect and most common size of stereo used in cars. The size of the stereo is 7 x 2 inches and it can fit in all kinds of vehicles.

Double Din = The height of this stereo is double in comparison to the single din. The advantage of this height is that an LCD touchscreen can be fixed.

Based on features, car stereos can be classified as follows.


Car stereos come with Bluetooth and you can do the hands-free calling. You just need to connect your phone with the device and make calls. Such stereos come with an external microphone, which also plays the audio in the speakers.

CD/DVD Playback

The car stereos come with CD or DVD player, which can be used to listen to songs or watch movies. MP3 files can also be stored on the DVD, which can be played by the player.

USB Inputs

The latest version of car stereos come with USB ports and USB devices like pen drive and the external hard drive can be connected to listen to the music.

How To Install Car Stereo?

Installing a car stereo is very easy. Here are the steps, which you need to follow for the installation.

Removal of trim

The plastic trim that surrounds the device should be removed first. This can be done by removing the screws, which are used to attach the trim. Metal clips also need to be removed carefully as they can damage the dash.

Removing the stereo

There are four bolts, which can be found at the four corners of the stereo. These bolts need to be removed. Now pull out the stereo Remove the wiring harness and the antenna which available at the back of the device.

Stereo harness adapter and dash kit

Purchase a dash kit, which is compatible with your vehicle. These kits are easily available on the car audio shops. Another thing needed is the stereo harness adapter, which used for wiring. Antenna adapter may also be needed but this will depend on the type of your vehicle. To install a new dash kit all the pieces should be clipped together and stereo should be gently pushed. The sides of the stereo should be tightened with the help of screws.

Harness should be wired

The wires available in the harness should be connected according to the colors. These colors are

  • Red for ignition
  • Yellow for battery
  • Black for ground
  • Blue for antenna
  • Brown for mute
  • Orange for
  • illumination
  • Orange/White
  • dimmer
  • Blue/White for connecting subwoofers

There are eight more wires, which are speaker wires. Two wires are used for each speaker. One of the wires is positive and other is negative. These wires should also be connected color to color.

Connecting the new stereo

The harness and the antenna should be plugged at the back of the stereo The other end of the harness has to be connected to the stock harness.

Reassembling the dash

The new stereo should be attached to the dash kit with the help of screws.

Best Car Stereo In India Buying Guides FAQ-

Which is the best car stereo in India?

There are many companies in India out of which Sony is considered the best for providing car stereos. One such car stereo is Sony XAV-AX100 AV Receiver, which comes with many features Bluetooth, touchscreen, compatibility with the smartphone, and many others.

Which is the best single din car stereo in India?

Alpine CDE-HD149BT is considered as the best single din car stereo. Alpine company is popular for its single din stereo as they are full of different kinds of features.

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